When most people think about Airtasker play think about hiring someone on a freelance basis to do a job.

Or maybe using it as a way to earn freelance income themselves.

But Airtasker can also be a good starting point for building a new business  – or a new future income stream.

I haven’t done any work as Airtasker Freelancer but I have hired many people on Airtasker to do work for me. Ranging from graphics work, to spreadsheets, web development or even getting someone to tidy up the garden or build something for me.

A good example of this is when I worked with a WordPress developer last year to develop my own site. But that experience of working with them lead to me helping a business up in Indonesia to organise it’s social media strategy and resourcing.

Totally unrelated tasks – but the task that I did here in Australia made me think very differently about how I would approach the job in Indonesia.

The interesting thing is that in the process of using these contacts I have often built network contacts that have proved valuable for my main business. It might be the Airtasker themselves or it might be someone they know. or perhaps in dealing with them you are inspired to think about a different way of approaching a business issue.

Airtasker has many different categories of business  -so it might be worthwhile having a look through to see if any of these could lead to good networking contacts for your own personal business development plan.