With three hours a day on average worldwide spent in apps, it’s no wonder that our smartphones have become intrinsic to our everyday lives. With the multitude of apps available, our smartphones are overwhelmingly personal – glancing at a few pages of someone’s chosen apps provides a uniquely intimate snapshot into their daily life and personal interests. From mobile banking and retail shopping apps, to Google docs, social messaging and publisher apps, our smartphone is the primary platform for expediting an ongoing list of needs.

We’re experimenting with apps more than ever before, but the plethora of apps available on the app store can be overwhelming. The number of apps on the app store available across Google Play and the iOS app store reaching more than 6 million, meaning discoverability is an issue for both users and publishers. However, it hasn’t put people off searching and experimenting with apps.  In Q1 2018, global iOS and Google Play combined downloads grew more than 10% year-over-year to 27.5 billion – the highest of any quarter.

With thanks to Bertand Salord, VP Marketing EMEA, App Annie https://www.marketingtechnews.net/news/2018/may/22/how-time-spent-apps-can-give-you-back-time-real-life/