There is a natural bias in most areas of business that makes people think that digital is really only for under 40’s or even under 30 in a lot of cases. And that makes a lot of sense. It’s the same reason we don’t let the junior staff drive the big strategic and sales decisions. You need some life experience for that. But digital can be daunting for over 40s. For some its because they didn’t grow up with it. For some its because life is already complex enough doing business in a traditional way.

But the reality is that digital is here to stay. And, despite the advances we’ve seen in the past decade, digital isn’t peaking. In fact I’d argue that digital is still in its early infancy. Things like 5g, voice and AI are just a few of the things that will push digital into areas we cant even imagine.

And, the other reality with digital right now is that its cheap and under leveraged compared to other media alternatives. The worlds largest brands have still yet to fully commit to digital marketing – and when they do it will make it much harder, and much more expensive, to gain results right across the digital spectrum. Right now is the early days of the digital gold rush, so if you wait to long you risk being overrun by the stampede that’s coming.