Talking on the phone is fading fast as Aussies prefer to message friends and family, revealed new research by, the site that compares virtually everything.

The new survey of 2,011 respondents showed 56% of Aussie adults — equivalent to 10.7 million Australians — avoid phone calls preferring to text, use messaging apps or even email to keep in touch.

  • Only 27% of Gen Y prefer to call friends and family over messaging and emails
  • 68% of Baby Boomers favour chatting on the phone

“There used to be an urgency in picking up a ringing phone, almost like a reflex. Now it’s quite common to see young Aussies screen calls and respond via text, rather than calling back to have a conversation.”

“If your phone rings, chances are it’s a relative or a salesperson.”

Almost two thirds (62%) of Generation Y use text messages or messaging apps to chat to friends and family: one in three (33%) prefer SMS while nearly as many (29%) prefer to send a message via an app (such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger).

Only (27%) of Gen Y’s prefer to speak on the phone, while one in ten (10%) favour email over any other method of communication.