Half of brands currently offer a customer loyalty scheme, despite 70% of marketers and 69% of consumers saying customers enjoy and value the rewards offered.

Source: DMA

Discounts, on 53%, free delivery (41%) and free samples/gifts (31%) are the leading tactics marketers believe are most effective. However, customers are more enthusiastic about benefits such as rewards based on location – cited by 56% of customers versus 13% of marketers – personalised emails (54% vs 19%) and game-like challenges (45% vs 15%).

There is also a disconnect between how marketers and consumers perceive customer loyalty. Just 26% of marketers think customers are less loyal to brands than a year ago, compared to 39% of consumers. And 39% of marketers believe customers would be persuaded to ‘shop around’ for new brands if offered deals, while 57% of consumers would switch for a good offer.

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