It sounds so strange to talk about digital and retirement in the same sentence. They seem to be like chalk and cheese. but a lot of people are thinking about retirement in two ways. Mostly people are thinking about how to generate some income in their retirement years. But some are also looking for ways to keep their brains occupied after they finish work for good. And digital marketing is perfect to help you with both of these.

Firstly when you think about starting a retirement business activity, in fact just about any business activity, you have to take big risks. Outlay capital, rent premises or production space, hire people, pay wages and all of those other costs, travel to customers. You name it. It’s hard work and a really big commitment.

Secondly, digital gives you the ability to leverage your biggest asset. And that is all of that expertise and knowledge you’ve built up during your work and personal lives. Digital platforms open your business to thousands of like-minded people on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. And they also open you up to a totally global audience. So, if you are a true expert on goldfish the web opens you up to and ocean potential customers from right around the world. Lawyers, plumbers, teachers and stay at home mums all have expertise that people want. And digital can connect you to those people like never before. And the truly great thing is that a lot of what you can do on digital is free. And that’s a huge difference to the times when you had to pour money into things like advertising and printed materials to get your business off the ground