In this podcast (and Youtube video) series I will be talking about selling online – with a focus on selling on Amazon. With the aim of demystifying it for people considering it. In the series I’ll cover the following topics:

Part 1: Getting started and an overview of the different online selling options

Part 2: Standalone sites (like Shopify) vs marketplace selling (like Amazon)

Part 3: Top 7 – Sourcing products from countries like China

Part 4: The upsides and down of Fulfilment By Amazon

Part 5: Top 7 – Things to remember when choosing what to sell on Amazon

Part 6: Why Amazon Australia is a big opportunity right now

Part 7: Making money from flipping or the resale business

You can see the videos on my Youtube channel

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Comments always welcome – and feel free to suggest topics that I could cover in the future.