Less rocket science

A focus on giving you simple advice

My aim is to give simple advice, based on my years of expertise, to people who want to understand digital but aren’t groovy hipsters or techno-geeks. I’ll do this by breaking it all down into bite-sized chunks.

Practical – watch and learn help to get started

I’ll also give some tips on how to get you plan to leverage digital marketing started. How the social media platforms work, how to make money and how to create content. I’ll do this by building an online brand from scratch.

Plus some opinions on current trends

I’ll give you my own point of view on things like content creation, big data, digital marketing tools and industry players – free of BS and rocket science.

Right now is the best time ever to start a new venture – for fun or profit.

Right now is the single best time in the history of business to start a new venture… big or small… for fun or money. No matter what age you are.

Once you wrap your head around the basics of digital business you will realize that we are at the beginning of the greatest period of business-building opportunity that the world has ever seen.  And you don’t need to be a digital whizz-kid to use it for your advantage.

My focus is helping you leverage your wisdom – your true Gen Ex advantage.

You are a part of what I like to call Generation EX. Not Gen X… but Gen EX. The EX is for experience.  Whether you are a lawyer, a teacher, a plumber, a public servant, construction worker or a stay at home mum you have a massive amount of life and work experience. You are an expert at something. And, in today’s digital economy, that’s a powerful thing.


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