In the past I’ve used Office 365 a lot for email and other things. but for the fitness site we are developing we decided to give G suite a go.

Initially I just set it up to handle email between members of the team. And to have some Master Admin rights over the group.

But since then I’ve discovered lots of features that we use over and over again. like shared Google Drives, Google Chat, Google Calendar and all of their word processing in spreadsheet tools. It’s made everything a lot easier because everything is synced in the cloud while we are working on it. The only part of it that I don’t really like using is Google Sheets because I think it is nowhere near as good as Excel.

I really don’t know how I could live without it now and it’s so good that as we set up new things there always seems to be integration into it.

For example we recently setup are solution using calendly to allow customers to book zoom calls with different members of the team and the integration into my Google calendar was easy and simple. No tech expertise required.

And given that you get a Google Drive allowance for each member of the team I think it’s actually a really cheap solution when you compare it to the cost of Office 365 and then adding on a decent cloud storage service.

I think it for a small team with the limited startup budget this is a great comprehensive solution.