I haven’t done a lookalike audience campaign on Facebook for a long time but I’ve recently had to create one for the business.

I can’t believe how they’ve turned something that was relatively simple into something that’s incredibly complex. I really don’t understand how anyone with a small business is expected to use it without hiring an agency to do it for them.

One of the things that I found annoying was the need to have some value represented in your mailing list upload. I can see the benefit of adding data for your highest spending customers but I’m a bit suspicious of what Facebook is using that data for across all of the businesses that they deal with. I’m not sure I’d want another business to be aware of who my highest spending customers were in terms of sales or customer lifetime value.

The need to integrate everything through Instagram as well is a bit of a pain in the ass.

I found myself constantly having to search online to find step-by-step tools to guide me. Which tells me that the interface isn’t very intuitive.

It took me most of a whole weekend to get the campaign sorted and the creative uploaded with an audience selected. And I’ve done this before. I don’t know how someone doing it for the first time gets through it all. Why are Facebook ads so hard.My experience poking a lookalike campaign on Facebook ads.

On the plus side it’s really easy to select your creative for the campaign. I did a video ad across both Facebook and Instagram and it was easy to do one piece of copy for both.