Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks in Japan, and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. We’re confident Instagram will continue to grow because its layout is perfect for Japanese audiences. Anonymous usernames, which helped Twitter, combined with highly visual content is a winning recipe in Japan. Plus, new features like Instagram Stories and IGTV are also helping the app to stay relevant and interesting to users.

As seen in previous years, Instagram Japan’s largest demographic is young females. Despite this, females over the age or 40 are the fastest growing demographic on the social network. This leads us to believe that Instagram could outshine its owner, Facebook, in Japan in the coming years.

Instagram’s female majority seems strongest among college aged users. There are double the amount of female college students than males. The gender gap narrows more among full time workers in their twenties. Because of this, Instagram is the best social network to connect with young women in Japan.

Instagram’s highly visual layout has opened up the doors for many new kinds of advertisements as well. Business accounts can place targeted ads within organic news feeds. Additionally ads can appear in between Instagram stories (The Instagram feature that works similarly to Snapchat stories). If you’re looking to communicate visually with young people in Japan, Instagram is a great network to be on.