I’ve spent most of the day linking some SEO or search engine optimisation to my new site now that it is up in live. In this podcast I’m looking back at some of the learnings from the process to give you some advice on what to consider as you are planning your online presence and Digital Marketing.

It’s another good reason for starting out on something simple like WordPress as a foundation for your site – as a lot of the SEO can be handled by a plugin working behind the scenes. But I’m sure templated sites (like Wix for example) probably have similar offerings. I’ve chosen to use Yoast – as it was recommended by a specialist I’m using for support – and it has millions of installs already out there.

A few things in mind. Its likely that you will need to sign up to Google analytics – and probably the Google Search Console – first as the plugin will want access to them.

I also found an excellent video on setting up Yoast SEO.

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