One thing that’s worth thinking about when you begin the process of building your online identity or brand is how you manage and optimise the posting process. To make it faster and easier to manage.The wrong way to do it would be to set up lots of different social media accounts and then use each individual platform to make each of your individual posts. That would suck up a lot of time opening and closing platforms with a lot of cutting and pasting involve.

The right way is the aim for a set up where you write one post and then automatically spread that post too many different platforms.

This is one of the reasons that I’m so keen on WordPress as a platform for beginners. The first reason is that creating the content is much easier because it’s very easy to do posts with just image and text. But the other big advantage is that you can get very simple add-ons for WordPress that can automate the spreading of a single post across many platforms.

For example I use an add-on called Jetpack. By using this ad on it means that I can create a single post using the WordPress platform and then Jetpack automatically distributes and posts the same content to my LinkedIn, Twitter Facebook and other online platforms. It’s just so much easier.

My experience so far is that Jetpack is very easy to use and has lots of other functionality. I’m actually avoiding that extra functionality at this point of the process because one of the temptations with WordPress is that people go a bit crazy with add-ons. And you want to avoid that at the beginning of the process.

The only issue that I am really having right now with Jetpack is trying to figure out how to get it to talk to my LinkedIn page because by default it wants to talk to my personal page rather than my business page. But that gives me a good task to sort out in the week ahead.