I’ve used WordPress (WP) before – but it was a long time ago – and I’d forgotten more than I ever learned.

When I first went into it I had two options. First, wade back into the learning pool and do it all by myself. Or second, pay someone to work along with me as I built the WP  site.  I decided to find someone with expertise in WP to help me during the setup phase. In this case I posted a job on www.airtasker.com for help. The reason for this is that I valued getting it right and keeping up my momentum over saving some dollars by DIY.

Relearning WP and setting it up could have taken me weeks. But by working with an expert I was able to crunch that into a few days – and it made sure that i was setting it up right in the first place. And I was able to focus on creating a first round of content for testing on the site.

By using an expert you are also “buying” their past experience in making all of those trial and error decisions in the past. They were also able to give great advice when some of the elements – for example linking podcasts to the WP site – weren’t as clear-cut as I’d imagined they’d be. And, whenever I hit a bottleneck they were only a phone call or an email away.