After a bit of a false start several years ago podcasting is now well and truly back. Most of this is due to the fact that we now all lead really busy lives and we can now leverage different technologies to help us multitask as we live and work.

The two best examples of these technologies are the mobile phone and driving around in your car listening to bluetooth audio. There are lots of times when busy people don’t want to be tethered to a device to watch a video or read something. Instead, if you listen to a podcast on your device, you can go for a run, walk around do some housework and all sorts of other things while you are listening to the content. Similarly you can listen to a podcast while you are driving around in your car. So a lot of people are beginning to use the “dead” hours of their daily commute to keep up to date with interesting things. Or the same when they go for a run.

So my guess is that we are going to see a renaissance of podcasting in the coming years. Particularly as Alexa, Google Home, Apple carplay and other voice technologies start to gain traction in our lives. It’s so much easier to just do things by talking and listening rather than having to type all be stuck watching things on your screen.

For the digital marketer voice technology also makes life a lot easier. For example I am using the voice dictation built into the keyboard of my standard Samsung phone to write this blog. So I haven’t had to type a single keystroke.