I think that podcasting an other voice technologies are going to be increasingly important. Voice just fits so well with the modern lifestyle of everyone walking around with a phone and everyone being extremely busy. Time is a valuable commodity for everyone. So, if your content can save time it has more value. It’s so much easier to listen to voice than it is to be stuck having to watch a video or read a web page.

I’ve been testing different podcasting platforms this week – and I’ve settled on Anchor. After I’d heard about it in a GaryVee podcast. Its less known than the other I tested (Soundcloud, etc) but its really easy to use and simple to learn. And it automatically puts me onto about 8 different podcast platforms including iTunes and Spotify. Check it out here.

I am having some issues integrating into my website – so the podcasts automatically appear as I post them to Anchor.  But I’m confident that will be an easy fix.

I also want to get good at voice because this is going to be a massive market once Alexa and Google Home build out their platform offerings with Alexa Skills and Google Actions