Smart speakers like Google Home and Alexa are predicted to be the fastest-growing connected device this year with 164 million units to be sold globally, up from 98 million in 2018.

The smart speaker market is also anticipated to grow by 63% year on year to £5.6bn in revenue.

By July 2018, 12% of UK adults had access to a smart speaker, compared to 19% in the US and 22% in China.

Meanwhile, radio is predicted to maintain its hold on UK media consumption with 47 million people listening to radio at least once a week. While global radio revenues are forecast to increase to £31.6bn, up 1% on 2019.

In addition, analysts predict sales related to 3D printing by large public companies will surpass £2.1bn in 2019 and £2.4bn in 2020, growing by 12.5% year on year.