I haven’t been posting on old dog new tricks for a while because life suddenly got very busy. So I had to put it on the back burner while I get a couple of other things out the way.

I’m renovating an old house

We bought an old classic 1960s mid century house and we are returning it to its former glory. And that is sucking up and immense amount of time. So my life right now is filled with wrangling builders – and will likely be that way through to Christmas.

In a way this is a good lesson for someone planning their business as you have to make hard decision sometimes about what your priorities in life need to be.

I’m helping build an online music lesson platform for Veterans suffering from PTSD.

I’ve been putting a lot of time and effort into developing a series of lessons to help people learn to write songs and music to express their feelings if they are suffering from anxiety as a result of their service or maybe just playing a stressful role as a first responder.

We are launching the online lessons on Remembrance Day. I’ve also been helping them build their overall online presence and automating their content scheduling.

You can find out all about it at soldiersongs.net.au

Koncrete Koboi:   Indonesian business going gang-busters

I’ve been helping in the development of a concreting business on the island of Sumbawa in Indonesia.  Just a stone’s throw from Bali.

The business is showing really strong growth over the past year. And the web and social presence is coming along a treat.