I’ve been looking at literally thousands of workout videos over the past year as we build the Hyve platform.

One thing that always surprises me is that there are many trainers out there who spend a massive amount of time creating great videos but then have really weak thumbnails on their YouTube channel.

Great thumbnails can really boost engagement with your videos.

  • First of all if you have a look and feel to them your channel just feels more professional.
  • And secondly a good thumbnail can give uses a much better idea of what the topic of your video is and also make it feel more energetic.

Have a look at these two examples.


In both instances the workouts a great. But I think that the thumbnails make these channels look radically different. If I was cruising around YouTube looking for workouts I think the one that grabs my attention the most will be the one that I end up clicking on.

Great thumbnails lead to more clicks and more views.

Here are some great practical tips:

You don’t have to be a Photoshop expert to do great thumbnails. there are plenty of platforms out there black will help you design and add the graphics. For example Canva. And if you want to get a uniform look to your thumbnails maybe you could use a freelance service like Fiverr to get someone to come up with a look and feel and do a template for you that’s easy to adapt each time you do a new video. How to make your fitness video thumbnails work harder. Some simple tips to make sure that your thumbnails are working as hard as you do.