I’ve been looking at literally thousands of workout videos over the past few months.

If I can give trainers some advice on filming the first thing I would say is make sure the sound is good. I’m always coming across content that is awesome but use ultimately let down by bad audio. Usually this comes from people using the microphone built into be a camera or phone.

If you are going to put the work into creating fitness videos definitely get a lapel mic.

You can get those Aerofit ones that personal trainers tend to use but they cost about $1,200. Which is crazy. I bought a neoprene pouch belt pack ($29) and a pretty good wireless mic with a head mount for about $350 on Amazon and it made a huge difference.

I really like those mics that fit on your ears and extend out near your mouth. They are easy to wear and avoid the problem that lapel mics have with your clothes rustling as you move. If you’re using one of these mics remember to keep it away from your mouth because you don’t want to get loud breathing noises when you are working out hard.

You need the belt pack so it’s easy to move around for different poses that involve lying on the floor.

I’ve also filmed quite a few yoga sessions and I’ve found that these mics are quite good at capturing the sound of light breathing as well which is quite important for many slow yoga flows.